Winter Equipment

Personal Equipment for Winter Camp - Keeping Warm


Suggested Personal Equipment for Winter Camps

  2. SLEEPING BAG - unless you have a very warm sleeping bag (i.e rated to -15 C) you should bring two lighter bags and place one inside the other.
  3. SLEEPING PAD - ground insulation is also very important. Bring two sleeping pads unless your pad is in excess of 1 cm thick.
  4. GROUND SHEET - a piece of 6 mil polyethylene about 75 cm x 200 cm.
  6. MITTS - either insulated mitts or wool mitts with overgloves - 2 changes are recommended
  8. INSULATING JACKET- a ski jacket, heavy sweater or pile jacket
  9. EXTRA INSULATING LAYER - an extra sweater or fleece jacket
  10. CHANGE OF CLOTHES FOR TORSO - remember layers are the best - you could wear a cotton or polypropylene t-shirt under a long sleeved shirt.
  11. WARM TROUSERS - wool, pile or insulated ski trousers are good.  A pair of waterproof pants is also recommended. Blue jeans and cotton sweat pants are useless once they get wet.
  12. CHANGE OF CLOTHES FOR LOWER BODY - a couple of changes of underwear, long johns
  13. PAJAMAS - or sweat pants is a good idea to change into for sleeping
  14. FOOTWEAR - should be waterproof and not too tight. A pair of insulated Sorel type boots are idea. Also bring a change of footwear for use in the warming tent.
  15. WARM SOCKS - several changes of thick socks
  16. EATING UTENSILS - water bottle, cup, bowl, knife, fork and spoon
  17. FLASHLIGHT or HEADLAMP with good batteries
  19. PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS - soap, towel, tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss, toilet paper, moisturizer for lips and skin
  20. SAFETY ITEMS - matches, candle, whistle, band-aids
  21. NON ESSENTIAL ITEMS - but if you have them you should bring them along: gaiters and hollofil booties.